Merchant Treasury Services

Canada’s Only Complete Pre-authorized Payment Software Solution:

Our proprietary leading-edge customized software automatically sends & manages your EFT and Credit Card files so you never send a file again and includes our automated Accounts Receivable return tracking to reduce hours of monthly administration. Now you can keep control of your billing while realizing efficiencies and savings like never before, giving you more time to service your customers and build your business.

Our specialized PCI-Compliant Pre-Authorized Payment and Managed Payment Software Solution adheres to the Canadian regulatory framework and banking system.

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Software Features:

Automated and Accurate Pre-authorized payment processing

  • Automated, accurate, on-time processing systems
    • Single secure web based software with an automated system which will send and manage payment files automatically
    • Continual database updates to ensure current accounts
  • Automatically:
    • Sends and manages your EFT and Credit Card pre-authorized payment files so you never will send a file again.
    • Integrated system tracks all customer returns & return status on delinquent payments until recovery
    • o Sends automated notifications on all account status changes.
  • Streamlines your workflow and record keeping by storing detailed, up-to-date reports on recurring revenue, accounts receivable and recovered payments in one place.

PCI Compliant Web Based Software Solution

  • Reliable, secure PCI-compliant processing and data storage
    • 24/7 access to detailed recurring revenue and accounts receivable reporting
    • 24/7 access to view recurring customer’s transaction history, contracts and contact information
    • Automated customer notifications and notes relating to contact between our Account Managers and your customers

Payment Recovery Toolkit is available

  • Well-defined, Rapid-response systematic process to recover missed payments
    • Automated dialer, text, email and incident-specific letters notifies customers of missed payments through custom messaging, including resubmits of delinquent accounts on the next scheduled billing date
    • Live agents available to serve your business

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