Proposed Slate of 2017-2019 National Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee is responsible to select and present the members with a proposed slate of Directors. The Directors make up the National Board that governs CANASA, with a mandate to actively pursue the purposes, mission and goals of the Association.

The slate is the result of a call for nominations sent out on December 7, 2016, where each person, who’s name appears on the list, fulfilled the election requirements as dictated in our by-law. The new Board will take office after the Association’s AGM on April 26, 2017.

The Nominating Committee received a number of nominations from members and was very impressed with the high calibre of qualified nominees.

Here is the proposed slate of 2017-2019 CANASA National Board of Directors (alphabetical order):

  • Armour, Stuart, Affordable Security Systems
  • Bouchard, Philippe, ADI
  • Caron, Kim, Armstrong’s National Alarm Monitoring
  • Champagne, Beverly, Security Response Center
  • de Jager, Anna, Lanvac Surveillance Inc.
  • Demedash, Ellery, E2 Security
  • Hebb, Gord, Tri-Ed
  • McMullen, Richard, Fleming Communications Inc. (FCi)
  • Milsom, John, JONSECURE Inc.
  • Munn, Fred, Orion Monitoring
  • Rho, Jean, Consultants Techniques Technilogic Inc.
  • Vella, Mary, API

If you wish to propose an additional nominee, you are required to complete an endorsed nomination form before March 13, 2017 and obtain the written endorsement of five existing members.

Erin Marsden
Board & Council Liaison