Delta Police Department Requests Input on Implementing Enhanced Verified Response

Delta Police Department

In a letter issued by the Delta Police Department (DPD) they acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that the alarm services industry makes towards making Delta, B.C. one of the safest communities in Canada. Delta, like many other jurisdictions in the lower mainland has experienced rapid growth in both residential and commercial development in the past several years. This has resulted in increased calls for service during a period when existing resources are at times strained.

A recent DPD study showed that false alarm calls take up an enormous amount of patrol resources, both in terms of their frequency and the overall time they take officers away from other important duties.

Therefore, the DPD is reviewing and considering amending its alarm response strategies including implementing an Enhanced Call Verification process. The objective is to ensure that police resources are available to respond to those calls for service, including alarm occurrences, where timely police response is required to ensure public safety. This will require a combined effort and the DPD would like to meet with security and monitoring station representatives in order to discuss potential changes and gather input as they move forward.

The DPD believes that the number of reported false alarms can be significantly reduced through enhanced cooperation with the alarm industry, the implementation of the Enhanced Call Verification, along with customer education and awareness. Other jurisdictions with similar programs have seen up to 40 per cent reduction in false alarms. An additional benefit of this change will be a reduction in the number of false alarm fees incurred by alarm system owners.

DPD would like to schedule a meeting in early June to discuss this matter further. Please contact Staff Sergeant Scott Lebus at to advise your interest in collaborating and they will identify an appropriate date and venue. Any questions or concerns can also be directed to

View Delta Police Department letter (PDF).