All intrusion alarm calls made to Edmonton Police Service
now subject to Enhanced Call Verification (ECV)

Edmonton Police Service

In 2016, the Edmonton Police Service determined that 96 per cent of all reported intrusion alarms were false, resulting in an increased demand on police resources. As a result, all intrusion alarm calls made to the Edmonton Police Service are now subject of an Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) process. Dispatch to an intrusion alarm will not occur unless the following exist:

  1. A combination of an exterior breach (door/window breach, glass break, etc.) and interior motion alarm activations.
  2. Contact with keyholder(s) to determine the legitimacy of the alarm.
ECV has significantly reduced the number of dispatched false alarms in addition to reducing the number of false alarm response fees issued to home and business owners. The Edmonton Police Service will continue to respond to intrusion alarms where a risk to public safety has been identified.

Alarm companies should encourage system owners to obtain an alarm that employs live video surveillance as this is currently the most effective means in determining the legitimacy of an intrusion alarm. Also ensure that system owners have provided up-to-date keyholder contact information and that they immediately report changes in keyholder information. A minimum of three keyholders should be provided.

Please ensure that a City of Edmonton Alarm Systems Permit has been purchased prior to the installation of an alarm system. The City of Edmonton Alarm Systems Bylaw 10922 requires all residential and commercial alarm system owners to have a valid alarm systems permit. View more information on Edmonton Police Service Alarm Systems.