Intrusion False Alarms on the Rise in Quebec City

As a result of an increase in intrusion false alarms, Quebec City is reminding monitoring stations, installers and owners must comply with their obligations stated in Regulation 883 of the City By-law. These obligations are intended to reduce the rate of false intrusion alarms.

As a reminder, here are some of the obligations contained in Regulation 883 (French only):

Central monitoring
Before requesting a police intervention when an intrusion alarm is triggered, the monitoring station must carry out a prior verification by making a minimum of three telephone calls in an attempt to reach the user or the persons designated by the latter. The verification is complete when the monitoring station has reached the user, or one of the three designated persons on the calling list. (Article 8.4)

The by-law also provides for the user's obligation to provide the installer of the alarm system or the alarm center, as the case may be, with his contact information and that of the persons he designates for the purposes of the prior verification. The installer who receives this information must transmit it to the central alarm to whom he entrusts the mandate of remote surveillance for a protected place. This information must be kept up-to-date at all times. (Article 8.8 of the Regulation)