CANASA National Board 2019-2021

The new board have appointed Alan Cavers, Ellery Demedash and Neil Jones as Directors at Large to the board. Per the by-law up to 4 can be appointed.

By-law Section 4 - Board of Directors
- Up to four directors may be appointed at the discretion of the Board of Directors (i.e. Past President)

The Executive has also been elected as follows:

Gordon Hebb

Vice President
Anita Brunet

Brahm Ptack

Neil Jones

Executive Committee Member
Stuart Armour

The Regional Council Representatives and Directors-at-Large including those announced at the April 24, 2019 AGM, are as follows.

BC Representative:
Anita Burnet, Anixter Security, BC
Alberta Representative:
Fred Munn, Orion Monitoring
Prairie Representative:
Jonathan Metcalf, National Industrial Communications Inc.
Ontario Representative:
Mary Vella, API Alarm Monitoring
Quebec Representative:
Brahm Ptack, Corporation Centrale de Sécurité B.P.G. Ltée.
Atlantic Representative:
Gordon Hebb, Wilsons Security
Monitoring Community:
Kevin Leonard, Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc.
Directors at Large:
Stuart Armour, Affordable Security
Alan Cavers, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada*
Ellery Demedash, E2 Security*

Trask Dittburner, G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd
Ron Jagmohan, Resideo Technologies, Inc.
Neil Jones*
Bob Smith, Alliance Security Team

* Appointed by Board