CANASA’s Quebec Regional Council actively working for our industry

Yes, CANASA works for our industry, and therefore for all member companies, in a way that no other association can do for us. Combined with the work of CANASA's national staff and volunteers, and a handful of volunteers in Quebec who give of their time and energy, the Quebec Regional Council moves and, above all, acts for the good of our industry.


"If CANASA does not promote our trade, no one will do it in our place, it is essential to act. This is the conviction unanimously shared by the members of the Quebec Regional Council. Led by Jean Rho (Consultants techniques Technologic) the committee presented the council with a three tier marketing plan to ensure the future of the next security technician generation.

Goal #1: Use social media to build the recognition of the profession to recruit future technicians
The committee's strategy to help our industry to counter manpower shortage is first to make the profession/trade known to then attract candidates to register to the DEP 5296 course (Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems), a prerequisite for working on construction sites (as defined by the CCQ).

  • February to March 2022: CANASA Quebec conducted a $2,000 campaign on social networks to promote the security technician trade and encourage potential students to register for the DEP 5296 course.

Supported by the positive results of the February-March 2022 campaign, the council believes it is essential to continue, for at least the next 2 years, promoting the profession in order to attract more candidates to the DEP 5296 course. This implies having greater financial means. The last two years of COVID have greatly reduced CANASA's national revenues and therefore the financial support for this campaign is not available, at least not to the level of the campaign's objectives.

  • We need your support to help our industry : funding goal $15,000 :
    CANASA National adds $3,000 to the $15,000 budget for the fall campaign. CANASA Quebec is now calling on all businesses to collectively step up to the plate by making a financial donation to support the promotion of our trade and to help recruit new applicants for the Security Systems Installation and Maintenance course.

    We thank BFL for their sponsorship of an electric bicycle, valued at $2000, which will be raffled off to all businesses that enter the contest. It is not necessary to purchase a ticket to participate. However, donors will receive one draw coupon for every $100 donated. Therefore, $500 in donations gives you 5 coupons to enter the draw which will take place at the Golf and Bike event on September 21, 2022.

    Click here to participate to the fund raising campaign.

Goal #2: Work together with the four education centers
CANASA keeps good relationship with the fours education centers. Among other things; CANASA includes the education centers in the social media campaign, in the Scholarship Awards, makes presentation to the graduates, and support particular request such as this:

  • July 2021: The Leonard-De Vinci School Training Center established a second group of students (48 students instead of 24). Limited to one cohort per year, the school had to demonstrate to the Ministry of Education that there was a demand to hire the future graduates. CANASA supported the institution by conducting a survey of businesses in the greater Montreal area. The results of the survey were very successful.
  • April 2022: For a second time and at the request of the Leonard-De Vinci School Training Center, CANASA came to their support by collecting, from security companies, the estimated number of technician hires. The conclusive result of this survey led to the confirmation of a second cohort for the winter of 2023.

    CANASA is thanking all the companies that participated in the two surveys, the last of which was conducted at Security Canada East.

CANASA Scholarship Program
After two years, CANASA has brought back the Scholarship Awards which were given across all councils this spring. The Quebec winner Michel Deveault-Labelle is a graduate of the DEP5296 Security Systems Installation and Maintenance course offered at the Construc-Plus Vocational Centre in the Lower Laurentians.

We would like to thank the sponsors who contributed to the financing of this program:

Goal # 3: Be part of the course DEP 5296 revision by Ministry of Education The Ministry is facing, as all trades, a shortage of man power which has impacted impacts the revision of the DEP 5296 program which keeps being postpone. The review of the course is imperative to bring it up to speed with new technology of the security products available.

Seized with the problematic installations of safety products aimed at preventing water damage, the regional council of CANASA Quebec has approved the creation of a committee dedicated to this subject. Headed by Martin Brousseau (Groupe Alliance), the Water Damage Prevention Committee (WDPC) plans to bring together a group of specialists to draft the Best Practices Guide for the installation of security systems to prevent water damage. This guide is intended as a working tool for security product installers, condo managers, insurers and monitoring stations. All of the front-line players are participating in the writing of this guide, which will be produced in French and English. Those interested in participating in this guide are invited to contact Danielle Paquin, or 514 884-3343

This committee led by Gaëtan Bordeleau (GARDA) is working behind the scene for the golf and bike events, the Quebec evening in April and the webinar planning on October 6 on Social Media. This webinar is intended for those who want to know more in order to maximise their reach and social media and avoid making wrong moves. Stay tune for the registration period.