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François Rousseau, Wesco Security, VP Security Solutions, East-West Canada

"A shortage of technicians among integrators means fewer contracts, which also means fewer product sales. Wesco Security Solutions makes it a point to be a big supporter of CANASA in its effort to counter the labor shortage."

CANASA Quebec Regional Council Team Golf & Bike Day 2022
Left to right: André Fiset, Gilbert Rolland, Chantal Bélanger, Danielle Paquin (CANASA), Daniel Cyr, Gaëtan Bordeleau, Dominique Bougie, Jean Rho, Daniel Lamarre. Absents de la photo mais présents au tournoi Vincent Dufresne et Philippe Bouchard.

Objective reached!

Chantal Bélanger, President of the CANASA Quebec Regional Council, is pleased to announce "mission accomplished"! The fundraising objective of $15,000 for the 2022-2023 trade promotion campaign has been reached and even slightly exceeded thanks to the support of a handful of members of the electronic security industry.

The members of the CANASA Quebec Regional Council warmly thank the thirty or so companies and individuals who contributed to the campaign and to the achievement of our goal

Thanks to this demonstration of solidarity (we are still collecting donations!) these contributions combined with that of the national CANASA, the spin-offs of this campaign, will benefit the entire security industry; because raising awareness of the trade and encouraging people to enroll in a course means getting graduates that we can recruit!

A draw for the cause!

Chantal Bélanger and Jean Rho, head of the Main d'œuvre committee, explained how the promotion of the trade goes hand in hand with the recruitment of DVS 5296 graduates. "The trade is little known or not known at all; it is therefore necessary to make it known in order to encourage people interested in a career in security to register for the DPS 5296 course.

While the labour shortage and low enrolment in the DPS 5296 course is, in itself, a good cause and a good reason for this campaign, CANASA wanted to draw the attention of members and encourage them to donate by offering a prize as a draw.

BFL Canada, a partner of CANASA Quebec for decades, came to the rescue by offering a draw for an electric bicycle, valued at $2,000.

Partnership with educational institutions

Social media will again be used to reach an audience that may be interested in a career in electronic security. In order to maximize the impact of the Spring/Fall 2022-2023 campaign, CANASA is targeting the regions of the four educational institutions in addition to coinciding with their enrolment periods.

It is important to note that CANASA has played an important role in enabling the Leonardo da Vinci training institution to launch a second cohort through the campaign and its member survey.

Moving forward, even though the draw has been held, donations are still being accepted for the cause!

This page will be updated to keep you informed of the campaign's progress and details. To make a donation or for more information, contact 514 884-3343


Golf & Bike, September 21, 2022


CANASA Golf & Bike Event, September 21, 2022. E-Bike winner Michael R. Russo
Left to right: Chantal Bélanger (Sécurité ADVIC), Francis St-Onge (BFL Canada), Michael Ray Russo (Infynia), Jean Rho (Consultants Techniques Technilogic)
  Boucherville, September 21, 2022: CANASA bicycle tour, a 76km course supervised by bicycle professionals.
Left to right: René Caron (alarme Caron), Martin Carette (Stanley), Alain Turgeon, Claude Simard (Allegion), François Sorel (Wesco Sécurité), Mélanie Plourde (Tyco), Serge Lalancette (C.A.D)



Foursome with best score 2022!
Left to right: Rudi Meynckens – ADI, Alexandre Reid – Infynia, Ivan Khoo – Convergint, Mikael Demers – Convergint (absent photo)
  Boucherville, September 21, 2022. Foursome with the most honest score
Left to right: Daniel Léveillé (Wesco-Anixter) , Lise Pitre (Panavidéo) et Gilles Thérrien (Norbec Communications), Absent sur la photo Luc Aubry (Central Video System)