Job Title

Business Development Manager (Dealer)

 Company Name ADT Security Services Canada Inc.

 Job Location

5700 Henri Bourassa Ouest Blvd.
Ville St-Laurent (Montreal), Quebec
H4R 1V9


 Date Posted March 12, 2019


This position is responsible for leading the hands-on, experiential systems installation and process education for new dealer locations and existing dealer expansion to ensure smooth and immediate adoption by dealer principal and staff. The incumbent drives new dealer and branch expansion day-to-day office operations from opening to the successful sale, installation, and funding of the first five security systems.


  • Guides new dealer in the development of their go-to-market strategy – getting the dealer through initial five installs.
  • Introduces new dealer principal, branch manager and/or staff to the key internal points of contacts.
  • Leads new dealer principal or branch manager access to of all ADT authorized 3rd party vendors: Equifax, Honeywell/ADI, DSC, TriEd, and Security Trax.
  • Registers new dealer principal and general manager in the New Dealer Orientation.
  • Certifies that the new dealer principal or branch manager gets necessary home automation and Pulse training.
  • Installs and provides experiential training and education for Dealer Web access and use.
  • Enrolls and demonstrates to the new dealer principal, branch manager and/or staff on all aspects of the on-line marketing tool, FAST ADS.
  • Initiates and completes the location’s marketing supplies order and trains staff in the use of the process.
  • Conducts the initial start up operation for new locations and establishes an in-house expert on start up.
  • Sets up the dealership/branch DocuSign and Security Trax systems and trains all staff members in an experiential format to use the system.
  • Following the enrollment of Equifax, leads the dealer/branch team is pulling credit on first five new accounts with a transition plan for office manager or designated SME.
  • Established VRT Access for the dealer/branch office.
  • Registers the dealer/branch office in 3PS and provides necessary training and education – certifies proficiency of users.
  • Provides hands-on support for all online and FSC process adoption.
  • Walks the new dealer or branch office team through the Contract Submission Process through five successful accounts.
  • Leads dealer principal in the review, clear understanding, and scheduled uses of all ADT Dealer reports.
  • Serves as the ADT in-house “go-to” for all aspects of process and system flows in the submission of first five accounts from start to finish.
  • Acts as a liaison for the dealer operations during initial 6-8 weeks of a new dealer or branch expansion location.


  • Strong situational analysis and communications skills
  • Three years of experience in a team lead capacity

 Closing Date

May 12, 2019

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