Manitoba Low Voltage Permit Guidelines

1) Electrical permits are required for any installation, repair, extension, etc to any electrical system including voice data, alarms and low voltage wiring as specified in Winnipeg Electrical By-law 104/2012 (effective August 1,2012)

2) Single family dwellings exempt as per By-law (VDV wiring only)

3) Permits should be obtained prior to work commencing, and permits can be obtained via internet 24 hours / day (contact Ms. Charmagne Prayag at (204) 986-2756 for info in this regard).

4) Where devices/control panels are installed to replace existing equipment on previously installed wiring, one half permit fee applies. This includes scenarios where another contractor runs cables for you on their permit.

5) Where, during a service call, a customer requests an additional device or devices be added to an existing alarm, the permit should be obtained the next business day. At this point in time there is no provision under the By-law to allow for minor electrical work without permit. Realistically however, unless other electrical or building work is going on in the premises, it is unlikely that the inspection department would encounter this installation given the backlog of work that currently exists.

An exception would be where a new owner requires an occupancy permit to lease a space; commercial inspections are required and any non-permitted work could deny occupancy.

6) The Manitoba Building Code specifies minimum flame spread requirements for low voltage wiring; security system wiring is exempt from some provisions but not others. Fire stopping between units is required.I am enclosing a link to further info in this regard.

Presentation from the National Model Construction Codes: Combustible Penetration and Plenum Cables