Eligibility Criteria

To become a Canadian Accredited Security Contractor (CASC) Company, an applicant must meet all of the following requirements. If an applicant does not have all of the required documentation available at the time of application, the applicant will be given 90 days to submit the documentation. The non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission.

  1. CANASA membership: A company must be a Canadian Security Association (CANASA) member in good standing.

  2. Company status: A company must be legally registered or incorporated in Canada, either federally or in the province/territory of business, and must provide CANASA a copy of the certificate that identifies the status of the company and the company’s date of registration.

  3. Company experience: The company must be legally registered or incorporated for a minimum of three years, either federally or in the province/territory of business, or must have acceptable security industry experience as determined by the CASC Council. This experience may include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • previous security company ownership and/or employment
    • security experience outside of Canada
    • other security industry involvement

    The company shall designate an employee to be its CASC Representative and provide this individual’s background and qualifications for approval by the CASC Council. The CASC Representative must have a minimum of three years of industry-related experience or the demonstrated equivalency. A CASC Company shall always have an approved CASC Representative on staff during its accreditation term.

  4. Criminal reference checks: All of the company's staff, personnel, and sub-contractors who are involved with the sale, service, installation, and programming of electronic security systems and those employed by the company who can have or do have access to non-accounting client security system(s) information shall agree to a current Criminal Reference Check (CRC). The applicant must be in possession of current CRCs for each applicable employee as of the date of application for accreditation and shall provide updated copies or proof of current CRCs for staff upon accreditation renewal.

  5. Workers’ Compensation Plan: A company's employees must be covered by the provincial/territorial Workers’ Compensation Plan in provinces/territories where it is legally required to do so. A company maintaining a Workers’ Compensation Plan shall submit a current clearance certificate when applying for accreditation. For more information about the Worker’s Compensation Plan requirements in your province or territory, click here.

  6. CANASA education - Alarm Technician Course (ATC) Level 1 certification: A company must have all field technician staff (installation and service) complete at a minimum the CANASA ATC Level 1 certification or an approved equivalent. Equivalent certifications (provincial/territorial or other) may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • British Columbia - Q-TECH programs
    • Quebec - Electronic Technician Trade certification
    • Nova Scotia - Alarm and Security Technician Trade certification

    The ATC1 certification or its equivalent must be completed by the applicant's staff before application submission or within 90 days of application.

  7. Insurance: The company must maintain a minimum of $3 million of Commercial General Liability insurance, including Failure to Perform.

  8. CANASA Code of Ethics: The company must declare adherence to the CANASA Code of Ethics by signing the CASC application form.

  9. Arbitration: By signing the CASC application form, a company declares adherence and agrees to the format of resolving issues and complaints as outlined in this handbook. The CASC Company agrees to submit to arbitration in the case of an issue or complaint. If applicable, CANASA may use a third party, such as ULC, to verify information regarding the case. The CASC Company agrees to be bound by the decisions of the CASC Council and/or CASC Governing Body.

  10. Sub-contractor requirement: The company agrees to bind all sub-contractors required to be CASC approved to all of the above criteria. The company may provide the required coverage for the sub-contractor (deeming the sub-contractor an employee) or the sub-contractor may independently provide proof that it meets CASC criteria.

    The following categories of sub-contractors are not required to be CASC accredited provided they are not performing final terminations of cables of any kind and/or programming equipment of any kind that is provided by or under the care or control of the CASC Company:

• Electrical
• Civil
• Cabling
• Door hardware
• Patching
• Painting
• Locksmiths
• Unionized trade
• ULC-Listed Monitoring stations (added in December 2013)