Program fees

The non-refundable application fee must be paid at the time of application submission. Payment can be made by cheque or credit card.

If an applicant applies for accreditation but fails to meet eligibility criteria and is not granted accreditation, the application fee will not be reimbursed.

Once CANASA confirms that an applicant has met all program criteria and is approved for accreditation, an invoice will be issued for the program fees.

All fees are subject to applicable taxes.




How often to pay

When to pay




One time

All applicants must pay at time of application
Program fees

Program fees


Per year

CANASA will send an invoice to be paid by the CASC Company

Employee fees
(per employee)


NOTE regarding fees: The CASC program fees only apply to accreditation and do not include CANASA membership fees. For information on CANASA membership fees, visit or contact CANASA’s National Office at (905) 513-0622 or 1 (800) 538-9919.