The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is seeking individuals interested in serving as volunteer members on either of two committees to help us continue to fulfill our strategic objective of self-regulation of the Canadian security industry.

The Canadian Accredited Security Contractor (CASC) program has been designed to elevate accredited security companies to a higher standard of business practices by requiring companies interested in becoming members to agree to comply to a specific set of criteria. Through this program, Canadian Accredited Security Contractors will be able to demonstrate that they meet and will adhere to a set of standards and best practices upheld by the Canadian Security Association (CANASA). The program will also enable consumers to easily find qualified and reputable professional security contractors.

Governing Body and Council Committee Positions
The CASC program will be governed by two groups of volunteers; the Governing Body and the Council. The Governing Body will report directly to the CANASA National Board of Directors and will be responsible for all aspects of the program including strategic direction, finance and appeals. The Council will report to the Governing Body and will develop strategic goals, criteria and standards of the program.

These two committees will be made up of the following:

  • stakeholders interest groups (such as Crime Stoppers, Crime Prevention Groups)

  • fire and law enforcement agencies (such as Police Chiefs, alarm coordinators, police board representatives)

  • senior representatives of accredited companies (Owner, principal, senior leadership)

  • representatives from government or government agencies (such as Ministry of Justice, Registrar)

  • public representatives (such as home owners association, property managers)

Committee Volunteer Responsibilities
View the Governing Body position description
View the Council position description

CASC Governing Body meetings to be held four times a year
CASC Council meetings to be held six times a year

Time Commitment
Term length is two years up to a maximum of three consecutive terms or six years, staggered to CANASA election cycle. Initially, seven members will have a three year term in order to allow transition from one group to the next.

If accepted, all Volunteers will be required to:

  • Have a Criminal Reference Check
  • Sign a Code of Ethics

Applications are welcomed from qualified, interested individuals. The Selection Committee will review applications and identify candidates to interview.

If you are interested in becoming part of the governance leadership of this exciting new program at a pivotal time in its development, email your resume and an application to casc@canasa.org.