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Petro-Canada SuperPass™ – The only card you need for effective fleet management. Take control over your fleet's operating costs and have more time to spend on your growing business. Petro-Canada is pleased to offer CANASA members the following benefits through the SuperPass fuel card:

Significant savings:

  • Discount of 2.4 ¢ per litre on gasoline
  • Discount of 2.4 ¢ per litre on diesel
  • Save 20% on car washes
  • Discounts apply to purchases at Petro-Canada retail locations

One card provides access to Canada's largest gasoline and diesel network and works at both retail and cardlock locations

Control costs with detailed purchase restrictions on both fuel and non-fuel purchases.

PIN protection and exception monitoring help defend against fraud and abuse.

Customized reports can be distributed via email to facilitate analysis and save time.

Dedicted support from a professional and knowledgeable customer service and sales team.



SuperPass is the only one-card solution that gives you access to Canada's largest gasoline and diesel network.

  • Over 1,500 retail stations and more than 250 Petro-Pass™ cardlock locations nationwide, plus access to our U.S. truck stop network
  • Canada's largest diesel network with over 1,200 diesel locations
  • Access both retail and cardlock locations with one card
  • Convenient electronic payment options

Control costs with detailed purchase restrictions.

  • Set limits and restrictions on both fuel and non-fuel purchases such as fuel grade, tobacco, car washes and more
  • Apply limits and restrictions by vehicle or driver and by dollar or volume
  • Restrict card use by day, time and location
  • Choose to have drivers enter their odometer readings with every fuel purchase, giving you more information for better fleet management
  • Instantly change restrictions online any time with 24/7 account access through Superpass Online

SuperPass provides protection that helps defend against fraud and abuse.

  • Every card carries PIN-protected security to help prevent unauthorized use
  • Assign PIN by type of card – Driver (single PIN), Vehicle (multi-PIN) or Single-station (multi-PIN)
  • Instantly change, suspend or cancel cards online 24/7
  • Exception monitoring reports automatically identify unusual transactions so you can take immediate action
  • Customize cards with driver and company information
Customized Reporting

SuperPass gives you the information you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

  • Access over 30 useful reports, as well as detailed transactional data
  • Schedule reports to run monthly, weekly or even daily
  • Distribute reports seamlessly via email to automated distribution lists, reducing data entry and saving time
  • Fully itemized statement summary and statement details

Drivers are welcome to enroll in Petro-Points™, Petro-Canada's free rewards program.

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