CANASA in the News

Smart Home: A Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation and Smarter Households - Toronto Star - June 2016
National Board Member Stuart Armour discusses the rise of private surveillance cameras with the Vancouver Sun - April 2016

National President, Richard McMullen interview
 - CBC News Calgary - January 2016
CANASA appoints new Executive Director - December 2015
Home Comfort and Safety Insert - Toronto Star - November 2013
Home Safety and Security Insert - National Post - November 2012
Insurance Insert - Toronto Star - September 2012
Home Security and Safety insert in the National Post - November 2011
Security insert in the Vancouver Sun - September 2011
home security insert in the National Post - March 2011
insert on home security in the National Post - December 2010

Media Releases


2015 Media Releases
July 22, 2015 Canadian Security Association advises homeowners on door-to-door security system sales and explains how to choose a system that’s right for you
June 25, 2015 Canadian Security Association (CANASA) announces departure of Executive Director

2010 Media Releases

June 17, 2010 
CANASA Warns Homeowners on Door-to-Door Alarm Sales

Public Service Announcement

public service announcement (PSA), created by the Golden Horseshoe Board of Directors can be used by local media sources without charge, with the objective of raising awareness and changing public attitudes and behavior towards home security and the importance of hiring a CANASA member.

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