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The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 scholarship program

The winners are:

Vikram Cheema

Laura Park
British Columbia Region

  Halley Ritter Prairie
  Komal Javed Central Ontario Region
  Isabelle Callahan
Eastern Ontario Region

The scholarship winners will each be awarded $1000 to be attributed to their studies and student expenses. All winning student put in a dedicated effort to achieve this award writing an essay on “Electronic Security in Daily Life”. CANASA members are encouraged to read the winning essays.

2018 is the first year of the expansion program which provided students from security focused post-secondary programs in British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia the opportunity to apply for the CANASA scholarship program. The Scholarship Committee welcomes all member feedback on this important program to increase the value and relevancy to the membership and the industry.

The Scholarship Committee along with the National Board and CANASA staff wish Vikram, Laura, Halley, Komal and Isabelle all the best with their studies and future endeavors.