CANASA and Payfirma want to help you accept payments any way your customers want to pay

Smartphone. Tablet. Online. Recurring Billing.

CANASA and Payfirma have joined forces to offer you a simple, flexible payment system. This means you can take payments online or in the field, securely store credit card info, and set up and manage payment plans all within one, easy-to-use tool.

Get paid when the work is done: With the Payfirma mobile app and card readers, you can accept payments right at your client’s home using a smartphone or tablet.

Make it safe and secure for clients to set up monitoring plans: Accept online payments with a secure, PCI compliant solution that’s simple to use and securely stores credit card information for future billing.

Let customers pay the way they want: Today’s consumer wants a choice in the way they pay. Whether it’s debit or credit in the field, online payments, or recurring billing plans, they want to pay when and how it works for them.

Get help when you need it: Payfirma is the only payments company that makes customer service a top priority. We spend 2X the industry average, answer the phone when it rings, and have a 94% customer satisfaction rating. We’ve got your back!

Competitive Rates

In partnership with Canasa, Payfirma is offering some of the most competitive rates in the industry including a flat fee for use of PayHQ, no setup or cancellation fees, and until August 1, 2016, we will buyout your cancellation penalty from your current processor and send you a $100 visa/debit gift card once you start processing.

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