Alarm Panel Codes and Definitions

Help CANASA’s industry to keep track with Signal Codes created by Alarm Control Panels.

To help ensure that monitoring stations have accurate information and to help reduce false alarms, CANASA invites all signal panel manufacturers to help create a one-stop reference resource containing links to manufacturer signal code definitions or a pdf document.

As technology evolves, so do signal codes that inform clients and monitoring stations that a “situation” is taking place. Quite often, the signal code is not understood when it is critical for the monitoring station to determine if immediate action is required. In some cases, this lack of information contributes to generating a false alarm, causing further problems.

With the assistance of manufacturers, CANASA has created this Reference Centre hoping that all manufacturers will continue contributing by feeding us with the most recent information on Alarm Control Panel Signal Code/Definitions.
To-date the following companies have provided us with references to Signal Codes Definitions:

Date Format Manufacturer Link or PDF

July 2017

Contact-ID Honeywell Codes and definitions

July 2017 Custom Contact-ID ICT Codes and definitions

July 2017 Custom Contact-ID 2GIG Codes and definitions

July 2017 D6500 Mode Messages Bosch Codes and definitions

July 2017 Serial 3
Codes and definitions

July 2017 SIA DSC Codes and definitions

August 2017 Contact ID and SIA Paradox Codes and definitions

January 2018 Serial 3 DMP Codes and definitions

March 2018 Reporting and device number information
starts on page 130.
Bosch Codes and definitions

To add or update information or for more information please contact:
Danielle Paquin
1 (800) 538-9919, ext. 226