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Home security is a top priority for many Canadians today. The first line of defence in keeping a home safe and secure is an alarm system.

With the constant advance of new technologies, alarm systems can be customized to meet almost every need and purpose. Systems are also now more accessible than ever before. By working with a security professional, you can be sure to find an effective alarm system that meets your requirements and budget

Why have an alarm system
Electronic alarm systems are used to detect intruders and protect you, your family, and your property. They are also proven deterrents for break-ins:

  • Premises with security systems are four times less likely to be burglarized than those that aren’t.
  • When an alarmed premise is burglarized, property losses are dramatically lower, mainly because intruders know they have less time to spend inside the home.
  • According to the Electronic Security Association, “In a [U.S.] industry survey of 1,000 public safety officials, 85 per cent of police chiefs said security systems decrease the likelihood a home will be burglarized, and almost 90 per cent felt security systems increased their chances of apprehending burglars.”

However, today’s alarms do much more than just protect your home against break and enters. They can also be integrated with a number of life safety devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and medical alert alarms to help protect your loved ones and provide increased peace of mind.

False Alarm Prevention Tips

The Hamilton Police Service have kindly provided their false alarm prevention tips for security companies; users and key holders plus the top 12 reasons for false alarms. Click here for this useful information.

Find a security professional
Security professionals play an important role in creating your home protection plan. The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) represents more than 1300 security organizations across the country, including alarm installers, monitoring stations, integrators, and consultants. Use our Directory of Members to find a security professional near you.

All of CANASA’s members adhere to a code of ethics and proper standards, so you can be sure your home’s safety and security needs will be taken care of by a qualified professional.

For more information about CANASA, our members, and security systems, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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