CANASA Regional Council of the Year Award Winner Announced

Left to right:
Ellery Demedash, CANASA President; Patti Jones, President, Northern Alberta Regional Council; Patrick Straw, CANASA Executive Director

The Regional Council of the Year Award was presented to Patti Jones, President of the Northern Alberta Regional Council at the CANASA AGM held in Richmond BC June 13.

The Northern Alberta Regional Council continues to work diligently to improve communication engagement with the police services in their region. Their hard work and dedication has greatly improved relations and has exemplified CANASA’s focus on cooperation and communication with all police and emergency services.

Congratulations to all the volunteer members of this Regional Council, Patti Jones, Stephanie Prytuliak, Neil Jones, Kristin Krysa, Khalid Najmeddine, Bao Dolby Song and Taylor Wolsey.