Bill 88 (Private Security Act) - Registration for permits starts July 22, 2010

As you already know, in 1996, the Québec government, through the Department of Public Security, decided to legislate the private security industry in the province of Québec. More than four years after its adoption, Bill 88 (Private Security Act) has now been ratified and will be put in application in its entirety on July 22, 2010, as officially announced in the Gazette officielle du Québec on July 7, 2010.

Starting July 22, 2010, all companies and persons practicing installation and maintenance functions of electronic security systems, both residential and commercial as well as central station operators, will need to obtain a licence from the Private Security Bureau. According to Article 130 of the Bill, agents and agencies will have three months to request the permit, and must attain the permit within six months from the July 22, 2010, implementation date.

“This is a first step towards professionalizing our industry and being perceived as a profession rather than just a trade,” says Normand Fiset, Quebec Chapter Past President and current Board member, who represents electronic security on the Board of the Private Security Bureau. Since the Bureau was created in early 2008 to represent the best interests of the security industry, the Board has met 31 times to work on the Bill’s regulations and the mechanics of their application.

Regulations regarding education requirements stated by the Department of Education do not cover the electronic security industry, since the requirements are already governed by Bill R20.

Agents and agencies that are required to acquire a licence will need to apply through the Private Security Bureau.

Each agency will need to name a representative for the company who works full-time for the organization as well as all shareholders who hold more than 10 per cent of the shares of the company and provide their personal information to get a background check done by the Sûreté du Québec. All agents must have the background check completed as well.

More information about obtaining the licence, including a list of other documentations that will be required in applying for the licence, can be found on the following pdf, see: agency licence requirements and agent licence requirements.

The costs to register and obtain a licence are as follows:

  • Agencies: $1100 for the licence, plus $102 for every person who is required to have a background check (which includes each shareholder that holds more than 10 per cent in the company and the company’s representative). The $1100 is reimbursable if the permit is not delivered or renewed. Each $102 cost is not reimbursable.

  • Agent: $140 for the licence. If the permit is not delivered or renewed, $38 is reimbursable ($140 - $102).

For questions regarding the licensing process and further information requests, contact the Private Security Bureau or if you are a member of the Association that represents you at the private security level, contact CANASA.

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Mail: 50 Acadia Avenue, Suite 2012, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0B3 

For an agency permit, the Private Security Bureau requests a bond of $10,000. CANASA members can obtain it very rapidly at the reasonable price of $120. To get the bond, you need to send a request to Patrick Straw at: