When are electrical permits for Alarm Installations required in Manitoba?

December 19, 2006

Winnipeg (City regulations)
  • Not required for Single Family Dwellings (Houses) are required for Commercial or Multi-Family Dwellings

  • $62 per installation
Outside of Winnipeg (Manitoba Hydro regulations)
  • Manitoba Hydro require that a permit be pulled for all new installations and for service work that exceeds $100 in value (Residential* or Commercial)

  • The cost of is $20 for a residential control panel* and $30 for a commercial control panel plus $1.50 per device for the first 100 devices and then $1 per additional device.

  • Devices are anything with a wire run to it including door contacts, motion sensors, glassbreak detectors; sirens, keypads, telephone connections and transformers.

  • Wireless devices are not connected to the electrical system are not counted.

  • There is a trenching permit that may be required for buried cable that costs $30. 

  • Where there are multiple systems being installed at a single address (ie: two systems in two different buildings) we can pull a single permit and add the panel and devices from the 2nd building to the original permit and provide an explanation for the installation details.

*At the present time (18 Dec 06) permits are not required for residential systems.