How to apply for an electrical permit from Manitoba Hydro Permit Account

To save the trouble of having to mail Hydro a cheque every time you apply for a permit open a Permit Account with them. You will need your Permit Account number in order to complete permits.

You may also want to consider applying for the EPermit program so you can setup and manage all your permits online.  See for details.

Permit Application
  • Download the permit application (PDF)
  • At the top under APPLICANT enter the name of your company along with address and contact information. Under the PREMISES enter the site the permit is for.
  • Under SERVICE TYPE chose either Commercial or Residential. 
  • Under the DESCRIPTION column on the left hand side, list the control panel and 1st 50 devices under “Service and Distribution” with the (current) fee of $90.
  • Any devices in excess of the 1st 50 can be just totalled up (no need to list every detector) in the section below and list the additional fees.
  • Add the fees up in the FORWARD box in the bottom and then again in the BROUGHT FORWARD box on the upper right hand side. Do the subtotal, add the applicable taxes and enter the TOTAL AMOUNT
  • In the BE READY FOR INSPECTION box, enter “Will Call”.
  • Enter your permit account number (if you have one) in the box.
  • Sign the application, date it and add your Electrician’s License number.
If you have an account you can fax the application back to (204) 927=9408 and if not you will need to take the application and payment to your nearest hydro office.