The regulatory amendment concerning the increase in licence security for RBQ bonds will come into force on September 18, 2016. After that date, the amount of the licence security required for both specialized contractors and general contractors will double. Please refer to the chart below for the new amounts required for bonds as well as for the purchase price of bonds for each of the licence categories.


  Licence categories

September 18, 2016

As of
September 18, 2016

Bond Amount Required

Member Purchase Price

Bond Amount Required

Member Purchase Price






  General contractors





*Note: The new bond certificate will be adjusted based on the renewal date of your CANASA membership and the renewal date of your RBQ licence. Each member’s situation is unique and will be handled accordingly.

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CANASA’s responsibility towards members who have purchased RBQ bonds through the association:

In order to comply with the RBQ’s new requirements, CANASA will provide the following to members:

  1. An invoice for the new bond amount, which will be adjusted based on the renewal date of your CANASA membership and the renewal date of your RBQ licence.
  2. After payment is received, CANASA will send you a new RBQ bond certificate indicating the new required amounts. Please note that credit card payments will accelerate the shipment of your new certificate. 

Member’s responsibility:
After payment is received by CANASA and the certificate is shipped to you, you must send the original certificate of your new licence security to the RBQ on or before your licence renewal date with the RBQ. To avoid delays, members are encouraged to pay for the membership renewal and the bond at their easiest convenience (ideally, as soon as the first renewal notice is sent).

Your RBQ licence date is coming up before your CANASA membership renewal and bond renewal (and after the 18th of September 2016)?

Rest assured that CANASA is connecting with each member who has a bond with the association. That being said, if your RBQ licence renewal date is coming up, do not hesitate to contact us for an update on your file. CANASA is committed to ensuring that every member receives their new certificate before it is required by the RBQ office.

Responsibility of members who do not have an RBQ bond with CANASA:

All members are encouraged to contact their insurance broker to ensure compliance. CANASA is pleased to offer a competitive purchase price of bonds for members. If you would like to take advantage of this member benefit, please call our office.

For any RBQ related inquiries, please contact:
Kimberley Smith
Member Services Specialist
Canadian Security Association (CANASA)
1-800-538-9919, poste 223