Congratulations to CANASA's Award Winners

CANASA recognizes excellence within the organization by presenting awards to worthy individuals. Congratulations to this year's winners.

R.A. Henderson Award
Winner: Carl Jorgensen

Given to a member of CANASA who has demonstrated extraordinary achievements within the security industry, and who has made significant contributions to the advancements of the interests of the entire industry.

President's Award of Excellence
Winner: Richard McMullen
This Award is presented to a CANASA member who assisted the President in a significant way, in recognition of their support over many years of service.

National President's Award
Winner: Ellery Demedash

Given to the National President for completing a two-year term, for leadership of the National Board.

Regional Council President's Award
Given to Regional Council Presidents for completing a two-year term, for leadership of a Regional Council.
Stuart Armour - British Columbia
Lisa Boyer - Prairie
Brian Gibbs - Southwestern Ontario
Stephen Goodship - Southern Alberta
Chris Izatt - Eastern Ontario
Patti Jones - Northern Alberta
Robert Moore - Central Ontario
Darron Parker - Atlantic
Denis Primeau - Quebec
Joseph Rossano - Golden Horseshoe

Outstanding Contributor Award

Winners: Normand Fiset, John Georgoudes, Roger Miller

Given to individual members who have made a specific contribution towards a project or initiative.

Honorary Member Award
Winners: Denis Bouchard, Don Budden, Neil Jones, Robert Leduc 

Given to Regional Council Representatives who are soon to retire or who have recently resigned, in recognition of their great contributions over a term.

Regional Council of the Year Award
Winner: British Columbia Regional Council

Given to the most active Regional Council of the year for outstanding contribution towards the betterment of the association.

BC Regional Council:
President :

Stuart Armour
Vice President :
Luke Malcolm
Representatives :
Anita Brunet
Paul Hayre
Kevin Hincks
Karen McGee

Devon Thomas
Tony Ursan

Award presentations:

R.A. Henderson Award winner Carl Jorgensen, presented by Ellery Demedash.   President's Award of Excellence winner Richard McMullen, presented by Ellery Demedash.   Ellery Demedash received the National President's Award.   Outstanding Contributor Award winner Normand Fiset, presented by Gordon Hebb, Denis Primeau and Patrick Straw.





Outstanding Contributor Award winner John Georgoudes, presented by Ellery Demedash.   Outstanding Contributor Award winner Roger Miller, presented by Gordon Hebb.   Honorary Member Award winner Denis Bouchard.
  Honorary Member Award winner Don Budden, presented by Gordon Hebb.








Honorary Member Award winner Neil Jones, presented by Ellery Demedash.   Honorary Member Award winner Robert Leduc, presented by Denis Primeau and Ellery Demedash.
  Regional Council of the Year Award winner British Columbia Regional Council. Council President, Stuart Armour accepting. Presented by Ellery Demedash.
  Regional Council President's Award (Central Ontario) winner Robert Moore, presented by Ellery Demedash








Regional Council President's Award (Quebec) winner Denis Primeau, presented by Ellery Demedash
  Regional Council of the Year Award winner Golden Horseshoe Regional Council. Council President, Joe Rossano.