Notice to supervisory centers with clients in Quebec City
Implementation of the Quebec City Electronic Gateway

The solution adopted by the City of Quebec for the electronic communication between the Monitoring Stations and the Computer Assisted Distribution (CAD) system, to request police assistance following the activation of a verified intruder alarm has been postponed to June 2020 (initially planned for January 2019).

Remember that in order to obtain the services of the police following the triggering of a verified intrusion alarm (three verification calls), the central offices will have to choose between joining the electronic gateway or providing the list of the customers, keeping it updated continually and pay the annual permit.

In order to develop applications capable of communicating with the central monitoring system, the City of Quebec is looking for monitoring  stations with different operating systems. The centre  wishing to use the electronic gateway must identify, within your company, a specialized computer resource able to work with the staff of the City of Quebec to develop the communication protocols to establish the electronic gateway. This resource is the only cost of the monitoring station.

Please refer to the postal code map (French only) to find out if your customers are in the agglomeration of the City of Quebec and therefore if your monitoring station  is subject to the Agglomeration By-law of the City of Quebec.

In closing, let us recall that the REGULATIONS OF THE AGGLOMERATION ON SYSTEMS ALARM AGAINST THE INTRUSION AND CONTROL OF FALSE ALARMS of the City of Quebec requires, among other things, that the centre make the three verification calls before sending a request for assistance.
If you would like to work on developing the electronic gateway for your centre, please contact Danielle Paquin, CANASA, 514-884-3343, 1800 538-9919 ext. 226,