Sgt. Larocque of RCMP Anti-fraud Centre kicks off Security Canada Ottawa

Sgt. Guy Paul Larocque, acting officer for the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre - - focused his remarks on the depth and types of fraud at play in Canada.

His remarks opened with statistics showing that reported losses due to fraud in Canada has hit $460 million from 2014 to 2018.

Sgt. Larocque explained in detail a number of scams that have occurred including the following:

The CRA scam where perpetrators posed as Revenue Canada personnel; business email comprises where $ is to be transferred at the request of a corporate officer; romance scams which utilize online dating and social media sites often using fake Facebook profiles; phishing attacks on individuals and companies; and computer service scams.

Sgt. Larocque urged the audience to ensure that your identity is protected and if at all suspicious, ensure that you contact report suspicious activity to their their office.