Report Says Genetec #1 Vendor of VMS

A recent report conducted by IHS Markit has named Genetec  - - as the world’s number one vendor of video management systems.

The report covers the period from 2015 to 2019. Genetec is also the top company for back-end video surveillance equipment in the Americas.

The company says that it remains the leading VMS manufacturer in the Americas for the eighth straight year, with an 18.3% share of the $4.1b market.

Pierre Racz, President, Genetec, said that as “a privately owned, independent manufacturer of IP-based physical security solutions, we invest a much higher proportion of our annual top-line revenue into R&D than most.”

According to HIS Markit, Genetec is the only security and safety solutions developer to hold top-10 global rankings across the physical sectors including: video management software, access control software and automatic license plate recognition software.