Hamilton Police Service Announces Verified Response Effective September 1

As of September 1, 2019 the Hamilton Police Service will be joining other Ontario police agencies, in the evolving business practice of Verified Response. This will require alarm companies to verify any alarm signal they receive, prior to notifying the HPS. This verification will carry with it, the confirmation of a criminal act, and one of four possibilities. These verification possibilities will include:

  • Audio monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Witnesses on scene
  • Multiple sensors / activation points

Of note, the HPS will not dispatch officers to the alarm call unless one of the four verification methods is met. Also, situations such as durres, panic or hold-up style alarms will NOT require verification.

These processes will not only aid the police. with ensuring the time spent at calls for service are worthwhile, but the home/business owners will not incur fees that are unwarranted.

If you have any questions regarding the Verified Response Program policy, please contact the Alarm Program Coordinator, Ms. Karen Derry at (905) 546-4718 or kderry@hamiltonpolice.on.ca

Read full letter from HPS.