Tiffany Moves 114,000 Gems

Tiffany & Company moved the entire contents of their 10 story store to a new location implementing extraordinary security measures.

Over 114,000 gems and valuables were move to a new location as a planned renovation began in the Tiffany store in New York City.

Over 300 cameras were monitored in the old store as well 300 cameras in the new location with many others pointed at the surrounding sidewalk. A tent was also used to cover the old and new locations to keep bystanders guessing.

Live monitors were surveilled by other security officials as over 30 security officers watched the proceedings.

Employees were blacked out from posting messages or photos on social media with an outside security company tracking social media key words and phrases.

Tiffany also instituted an elaborate inventory control system to log items out and into the new location.

The entire move took 18 hours without incident.