Know Someone Who Deserves an Award?
Nominate Them Today!

It is time to reflect on your successes as a CANASA member and on the people who volunteer with you that make CANASA shine. Let’s take the time now as a CANASA member, National Board Director, Regional Council or Committee volunteer, manager, supervisor or as a peer and recognize someone’s positive and professional contributions to our association and our industry.

We challenge you to select an individual and nominate them for a Canadian Security Association Award. CANASA recognizes our members through the following awards:

Outstanding Contributor Award
Outstanding Contributor Award recognizes individual members of CANASA who have made a specific contribution toward a project or initiative for the betterment of the industry and/or our association.

Nominate a deserving individual! Download the Outstanding Contributor Award nomination form.

The R.A. Henderson Award
The R.A. Henderson Award recognizes an individual member of CANASA who has contributed throughout their career and who has demonstrated extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the interests of the entire industry.

Nominate your deserving candidate. Download the R.A. Henderson Award nomination form.

Public Service Partner – Certificate of Appreciation
CANASA has created a Public Service Partner – Certificate of Appreciation. CANASA recognizes the value of our AHJ partners inclusive of Police, Fire and EMS and encourages CANASA members to recognize outstanding individuals and thus is open to motions for approval to the National Board to award a “Public Service Partner” certificate of appreciation throughout the year.

Nominate your deserving candidate. Download the Public Service Partner Certificate of Appreciation nomination form.

Nominations close May 5, 2023 so don’t miss this opportunity to nominate a deserving CANASA member who has made a positive and professional contribution to the industry and our association.

Winners will be announced at the AGM on June 14, 2023.