Our Education Committee is looking for you!

The Education Committee is looking for some additional members. If you are passionate about the industry and looking for a way to participate with CANASA please reach out.

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Committee’s Purpose/Mandate

The Education Committee shall promote and enhance the value of continuing education to CANASA members. In order to achieve its goals, the National Education Committee is divided into two working groups which focus on different areas of knowledge:

  • Technical Working Group
  • End User Working Group


The responsibilities of the Education Committee may include:

  • To ascertain the needs and wishes of the membership in regard to continuing professional education.
  • To identify target markets for CANASA education (industry, end user, emergency services).
  • To formulate a plan to assist the membership by enhancing their professional knowledge base by developing their skill sets and/or increasing their knowledge and understanding of substantive issues, through various forms of continuing education.
  • To open channels of communication and cooperation with educational institutions involved in the provision of security related education or training.

What do we currently offer for Education?