Canadian Accredited Security Contractor Program

The Canadian Accredited Security Contractor (CASC) program supports and promotes best practices, ethics, and professionalism in the electronic security industry and enables consumers to find reputable, professional electronic security contractors.

The CASC program is a national program open to all Canadian electronic security contractor companies that meet eligibility criteria.

Over the past 10 years, the security industry has experienced significant growth, not only in the number of electronic security systems installed but in the number of installing companies.

The CASC program was initiated to enable like-minded security professionals to demonstrate that they adhere to industry best practices in the absence of nationwide legislation for the electronic security industry.

Legislation currently exists in the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. Electronic security contractors in these provinces already adhere to provincial legislation and should find it simple to apply to the CASC program.


Verified accountability

  • accreditation enables CASC Companies to demonstrate proven accountability to key markets, including government agencies and the general public

Stronger consumer relationship

  • accreditation strengthens consumer confidence in the electronic security industry and can help CASC Companies attract new business

Proven commitment to quality

  • accreditation enables CASC Companies to show they are committed to workplace excellence, industry best practices, and a Code of Ethics

Effective marketing

  • CASC Companies are provided with ready-to-use, professionally designed promotional materials



There are four status classifications within the CASC program process. These classifications reflect the extent to which a company complies with accreditation criteria, and are as follows:

  1. Conditional: An applicant has up to 90 days from the date of application submission to ensure that all criteria are met and supporting documentation is submitted to CANASA. During the 90 days the applicant is placed on conditional status.

  2. Accredited: The applicant is awarded accredited status after verification that all criteria has been met.

  3. Probation: An accredited company (CASC Company) that does not meet or maintain criteria requirements is placed on probation for up to a maximum of 90 days. If the CASC Company does not meet criteria within the 90-day probation period, its accreditation status is cancelled.

  4. Cancelled: If an accredited company (CASC Company) on probation fails to meet lapsed criteria within the 90-day probation period, its accredited status is cancelled. Following the loss of accredited status, a company must wait one year from the date of cancellation to reapply for CASC accreditation.